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Walking Colorado's Continental Divide Trail with friends.

I like to hike alone. Walk when I walk. Eat when I eat. Camp when I feel like camping. Nap. Photograph. The CDT is the perfect place for that. A person can go for days and not see another human. Fine by me. From the beginning--the year ago when I decided to walk the divide through Colorado--I'd planned to walk alone. The reality was I ended up walking most of it with friends who came out to join me. Best times I've ever had. Getting to share the trail, the challenges, the high and low points, the amazing vistas, the conversation, teamwork and laughs with others was a great gift. Julie Engel-Shrumm and daughter Derya, Tiffani Allen (Rainmaker), Morgan Dzak (Storm), Max Young, and Laine Walter all walked some hard steep miles through some hard gnarly weather. But boy did we share some amazing moments and some spectacular vistas.

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